In pandemic times, it's hard to imagine anything more disgustingly emblematic of America's status in the world during the era of Trumpism than the anti-masker.

As viral videos have demonstrated since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, anti-maskers have remained aggressively determined in their agenda to rid the public of crucial health safety measures during a public health crisis. In the latest viral outburst, however, a North Carolinian Walmart shopper spewed a particularly ridiculous claim while being held to the store's mask-wearing policy.

The man is seen in the clip arguing with officers while loudly shouting that he's being targeted "because I'm white." Stirring up a major ruckus, while surrounded by police officers, he repeatedly refused their orders while shouting at other shoppers and store staff.

"I don't know what county you are, but in my county, my sheriff said that's an unlawful mandate," the man tells the officers. "My sheriff said that." After being further informed of the current county's mask-wearing policies, he's eventually escorted from the store. 

Perhaps the best moment of the footage arrives when the person behind the camera, a young child of a woman being yelled at by the anti-masker, shares his thoughts.

"Don't be a jerk all the time, okay?" the child is heard telling the man. Toward the end of the clip, the child assures his mother that he got it all on tape. 

Per the regional outlet Charlotte Observer, the incident went down on Dec. 31. As for the sheriff mentioned by the anti-masker, he has since shared a statement noting that those claims were not accurate.

"I wear a mask," Iredell County sheriff Darren Campbell said