CVS Karen Seen in Viral Video Losing Her Mind Over Pandemic Mask Policy

Footage shared by Friends at Work founder and CEO Ty Stiklorius, manager to John Legend, shows a "Karen" refusing to put on a mask at a CVS in Los Angeles.

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Though you certainly don't need articles like this to remind you, there exists a certain type of person who absolutely refuses to think about anyone else but themselves, even during a goddamn global pandemic.

Over the weekend, a pair of short videos shared by Friends at Work founder and CEO Ty Stiklorius (who's also John Legend's manager) showed a maskless woman going full Karen at a CVS over the establishment's safety-minded mask policy.

"The selfishness she exhibited was intense," Stiklorius said when sharing the first clip. "It blew our minds. My 10-yr-old has more sense."

The first clip sees the woman arguing from behind a magazine rack with several CVS employees who repeatedly implore the woman to simply adhere to the mask policy.

"Why can't you follow rules?" one employee asks the woman.

In the second clip, a healthcare worker is seen intervening, attempting to get the woman to understand the severity of the pandemic by noting the overcrowding of hospitals with COVID-19 cases.

"This has never happened, ever in history," the healthcare worker says. The woman, however, claims she's "reached a breaking point" while swearing that she's "not crazy" and continuing to argue about masks.

According to the woman herself, she had visited the CVS location in Los Angeles for some epsom salt and a corkscrew, prompting one witness to wonder aloud why someone would insist on causing a scene and trivializing health concerns over such inconsequential items.

Notably, the woman—let's call her, say, CVS Karen—is adamant about making two contradictory arguments. She claims to have some mysterious medical reason for not wearing a mask yet also repeatedly insists she's a totally healthy person.

Anyway, here's an assortment of well-earned roasting:

Don't be like this "CVS Karen." Just wear a mask. It's not hard.

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