The 2020 edition of the notorious holiday centered around turkey and revisionist history, this year complicated by an ongoing pandemic, also brought with it a failed steak salesman appearance during which the bulk of the general public's attention was centered on the symbolism of a hilariously small desk.

Trump, expectedly, largely used the moment to again share baseless claims of fraud about the 2020 presidential election. In case you missed it, Trump lost the election but has spent the subsequent weeks refusing to concede.

And while some headlines on Thursday and Friday made a point to highlight Trump saying he "will" leave the White House in January following a formalization of Biden's win by the Electoral College, it's worth a reminder here that Trump vacating the building is not an issue that's up for debate.

As former POTUS Barack Obama told Complex's Speedy Morman earlier this month, Trump will be leaving whether he’s stoked about it or not.

"Oh, he's gonna leave the White House," Obama said. "He may not like leaving. He may not be a gracious loser. But he lost. And he will leave. And Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will end up being President and Vice President of the United States and that will make a difference."

Anyway, back to that aforementioned tiny desk. It's really quite small. So small, in fact, that we're now going to kick back and enjoy its littleness:

Overnight, Trump shared some tweets in which he complained about Twitter's trending topics. One of those tweets, as seen below, was flagged by Twitter with a warning message due to Trump’s latest baseless claim of a "rigged" election:

Image via Twitter