On this episode of Things That Matter More Than Black LivesBlack Americans are reminded that they are less important than rodents. 

Two Maine police officers from the Rockland Police Department—27-year-old Addison Cox and 30-year-old Michael Rolerson—were fired after allegedly giving porcupines the Rodney King special. According to The Courier-Gazette, Cox and Rolerson beat porcupines with their nightsticks until they were dead, while a third officer recorded the beating.

The incident took place in June but wasn't reported until late August. The Rolerson and Cox were swiftly fired in early September and the third officer was placed on administrative leave. By Oct. 2, Cox and Rolerson were hit with a count of aggravated animal cruelty and a misdemeanor count of night hunting charges. Cox was also charged with misdemeanor unlawful use or possession of implements or aids and Rolerson was charged with misdemeanor illuminating wild animals or birds.

Although brutalizing animals is wrong, a sincere American citizen and member of the human race can't help but wonder why a porcupine received its just due while victims like Breonna Taylor are still fighting to prove they were unlawfully murdered despite mounting evidence. As a result, people have taken to social media where the pointed out this obvious lack of care. 

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