Ahead of next month's election, Mana Contemporary Urban Arts Project has launched a non-partisan vote initiative with artwork featuring iconic imagery.

Designed to encourage younger generations to get out and vote, Project 270 covers all 50 states (and the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico) with the aim of getting critical voting information out to young voters. "We are partnering with outstanding graphic and street artists to create 52 state-specific (plus DC and Puerto Rico) posters," reads the Mana Urban Arts Project website. "To maximize the reach and overall impact of the project, all imagery created will be made available to the public, for free."

Project 270 will mass-produce posters to send to voting organizations in each state, but the posters will also be available for free download via the official site. Legendary photographer Jonathan Mannion, who has captured many historic moments in hip-hop history, is involved in the project. Each site will have specific posters available, with information for their respective locations.

Check out the promo for the initiative above, and check out all the posters available here.