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The Aurora Police Department in Colorado confirmed Thursday that Jaron Jones, one of the officers involved in the alleged photos taken near the site of Elijah McClain's death, has submitted his resignation. 

Aurora Police Department Interim Police Chief Vanessa Wilson announced earlier this week that she learned from Internal Affairs that three officers took photos near the scene where McClain's arrest took place, and allegedly reenacted the carotid restraint, or chokehold, used on him that fateful night. They have been placed on administrative leave with pay as an investigation is underway, which is expected to be completed by Monday. 

Wilson said the investigation will then be shared with the public. "This will include reports, photographic evidence obtained, officer's names, and my final determination which can rise to the level of termination," she said. The three officers involved in McClain's death last August were just recently moved off of patrol duty

The demotion comes amid renewed pressure for justice once the story of McClain's death captured national attention, and brought about a petition demanding a new investigation, which has received over 4.1 million supporters. 

Following the chokehold used to restrain McClain, paramedics were called to the scene. McClain was injected with 500 milligrams of ketamine. CBS Denver cites a police report which states paramedics administered that amount of the drug because they estimated his weight at 100 kilograms, or 220 pounds. An autopsy report said McClain weighed 140 pounds. 

McClain suffered two cardiac arrests while being taken to the hospital. Less than a week later, he died after being taken off of life support.