In what might be one of the most embarrassing headlines somebody could have written about them, a California man allegedly punched his own mom after she hid toilet paper from him because she thought he was using too much of it, TMZ reports.

Even adding "allegedly" in there doesn't make that sound a whole lot better. 

26-year-old Adrian Yan was arrested on Monday, and got himself a battery charge, after an argument with his mom over TP escalated into a physical confrontation. The incident is said to have happened at the family's home in Saugus, amidst the Golden State's coronavirus lockdown.

Police state that Yan got upset with his mom because she was hiding the paper, and that the mom indeed admitted doing so because she thought he was using "too much." 

Yan reportedly punched his mom in the face, which led to her placing him under private person's arrest. 

Sheriff's deputies responded to the residence around 3 a.m. after getting a call about a family disturbance. Yan was arrested and his mom's injuries were deemed not serious. She refused medical attention. 

Authorities have seen a rise in calls over family disturbances since lockdown orders went into effect, due to people being in close proximity with one another for long periods. Buzzfeed News reports that a lot of those calls have come from loud arguments that aren't officially considered crimes. 

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