Hopefully, you're reading this article and watching the accompanying video while honoring stay-at-home guidelines. As COVID-19 containment efforts continue here in the U.S.—with Dr. Fauci and others urging Americans to take the novel coronavirus with the utmost seriousness—some of our fellow humans overseas are starting to begin their transition back into a semi-normal life.

In the season premiere of Complex World, we hear from people in Wuhan and Shanghai as they share their reflections on the experiences they had while staying at home for 60 days and the feelings of gratitude they had once citizens were able to begin moving more freely in public spaces again.

And while those interviewed gave both some sobering accounts of the stages of grief associated with entering a period of social isolation, as well as the relief of that period eventually coming to a close, they were also quick to caution that things aren't quite normal yet. Precautionary measures of all types are still in place, ranging from widespread continued use of masks to more personal choices like one man's decision to not allow any shoes inside his family’s home once they've been outside. As previously reported, those in the region have also been required to utilize QR codes designating their health level with relation to the virus.

Here in the States, we've learned some hard lessons in recent weeks after an extended period of not taking the virus seriously soon enough on a national scale, not to mention we are far less prepared for a pandemic-sized event than other comparable parts of the world. Still, there's some hope to be found in the experiences excerpted above.

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