As your morning ritual surely reminded you earlier today, there's a certain musical magic to the drums-centered intro that plays before videos shared with the world from the Pornhub community.

And now, at least seemingly, that intro is at the root of a viral video and alleged prep school student suspension. As spotted by Daily Dot over the weekend following the achievement of video virality on Twitter and Reddit, a student—as seen in the clip below—is alleged to have played the drum part of the Pornhub community intro at a school rally of some sort. Fellow students are seen in the clip absolutely fucking losing it at the sound of the seemingly familiar drum part, which is an expected (though no less hilarious) reaction.

The school in question, at least as alleged in a Reddit post, is a private college predatory school in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles. Furthermore, an IG account some are saying belongs to the drummer in question has since been flooded with repeated comments deeming the student a "legend."

Following an alleged suspension that has not been officially confirmed by school officials, the hashtag #freefrancis has erupted, not to mention the student is receiving general words of support from those presumably moved by his act of boldness:

Requests for comment sent to the school, and naturally, to Pornhub were not immediately met with a response. If that changes, we'll update this riveting slice of journalism with any new info.