Nicki Minaj has some thoughts on the impending 2020 presidential election. Without endorsing a specific candidate, she made it clear that she wasn't a fan of all the infighting with the Democrats. In recent months, a number of Democratic President hopefuls have launched attack campaigns against each other. Last night's debate was particularly ruthless, especially during the following exchange, in which Elizabeth Warren came for Mike Bloomberg's neck.

And while it certainly made for compelling television, not everyone is enthused by the vitriol coming from the left. In a since-deleted tweet, Minaj warned that such fighting amongst each other could lead to four more years of Donald Trump. "The democrats will continue to beat up on eachother while y'all laugh & Trump will win again," she tweeted. "Joke's on who? I respect the Dems that will not jeopardize the party by playing dirty. Obama never did that. Pay attention." 

nicki democrat tweet
Image via Twitter

While she has gotten political in the past, once showing her support for Hillary Clinton, she's recently shied away from that kind of discourse. In an interview with Billboard in late 2019, Minaj said that she wants to see "less politics" in rap music going forward. "I would love for rappers to be so passionate about rap that we feel it," she said, indicating that she'd prefer a focus on talent. "Everyone that has just come into the game, I'm proud of you guys 'cause it's not easy and I know that. So keep on doing your thing."