While you may have missed it while browsing arguably more important news about Ukrainian planes being shot out of the air, and wildfires ravaging an entire continent, about two weeks ago Cheetos came out and officially gave a title to that gross residue that those snacks leave on your fingers, which you likely find either appetizing or nauseating.

Until now most of us probably just referred to it as "Cheeto dust" but it turns out that the correct term is "Cheetle." Boy do we feel dumb.

In fact, according to an ad post from Dictionary.com, this term has been around for more than a decade. And lest you think it's beneath the dignity of Dictionary.com to help with a Cheetos ad campaign, consider cutting them a break on account of the fact that nobody buys freaking dictionaries anymore, and they got to generate revenue somehow.

This Dictionary.com declaration was later confirmed by the official Twitter account of a cartoon cheetah. We're sure the ancient Akkadians are beaming with pride.

As it turns out, this is something that said anthropomorphic animated cheetah has been trying to educate the public on for awhile. Given the 7 retweets and 36 likes that the above tweet had at the time of publishing, this is something that he may have to further remind us about on a later date:

In related news...those last two words should probably be in quotes, Cheetos is now selling popcorn infused with cheetle. What a coincidence.

The Frito-Lay people have also reportedly purchased time for two Super Bowl ads, so it looks like they're really planning a push here. In fact, check this out.

There's a lot more just like that, but you probably have enough regrets if you've made it this far down the page. Anyway we've done our best to educate you on proper Cheeto terminology. So if you continue to call it "dust" from here on out then you're just choosing to be ignorant.

Spread the word.

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