San Diego native Mark Mendenhall became the envy of no one when he set a new record for eating Chick-fil-A for 114 straight days, according to the New York Post

Mendenhall, who has become known as “Mayor of Chick-fil-A” by employees at his local restaurant, set out to accomplish this bizarre feat after hearing about a man in Georgia who ate Chick-fil-A for 100 consecutive days. He originally planned to reach 105 days in a row “just to be different,” but ended up pushing himself even further. 

"This habit started about five to six years ago," Mendenhall recalled. "I loved the atmosphere, I loved how polite the team members were."

The streak, which excludes Sundays since the fast food chain is closed on that day, has come with some challenges, most notably when he and his family took a trip to Disneyland. At one point, Mendenhall made a quick getaway to Chick-fil-A to order and eat his food, then returned when he was finished.

The awkward ordeal made Mendenhall promise his wife that his streak would come to an end by their next family trip. "So, my wife promptly planned a vacation to Palm Springs — far enough away that I wouldn’t drive back but close enough so we didn’t have to fly anywhere," he said. 

His Chick-fil-A run has included some charitable efforts. He’s raised $1,000 for the Poway Unified School District Adopt-a-Family program. 

In case you’re wondering, Mendenhall prefers the original chicken sandwich, fries, and a large Diet Coke. He has never tried the coffee or tea because he doesn't like either beverage, and of course, he's tried every sauce. No word on his favorite.