A woman in Argentina was caught with nine pounds of marijuana disguised in a fake baby bump.

The woman—who was pretending to be pregnant—and her male friend were crossing the Argentinian border into Chile by bus when they were stopped at a checkpoint, the New York Post reports.

Officers inspected her bag and uncovered two bricks of marijuana—and then another 15 inside the fake wearable stomach, which was held together with a starch-based paste.

“She made a belly out of paste, hid 15 cannabis bricks inside it and faked a pregnancy before trying to take it from Mendoza to Santa Cruz,” Argentina’s Minister for Security Patricia Bullrich tweeted alongside photos on Wednesday. She added, “The pretend mom-to-be and her accomplice were arrested.”

A police spokesman said the pregnant imposter was “asked to leave the [bus] and it was confirmed she was also carrying drugs and no baby inside of her,” according to the New York Post. She was carrying four kilos in total and was charged with drug smuggling.

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