Drake and Lil Wayne have frequently hinted at the possibility of a collaborative project, but now Weezy has teased the possibility once again. In a new interview with Vibe, Wayne has revived hope for the long-dormant project, which was first talked about almost a decade ago.

"We’re both doing what we do, but he already know," Wayne said, without giving too much away. "We still text and send songs here and there, change a verse because he killed me or change a verse ‘cuz I killed him. It’s still the same competition." The two previously indicated that something between them was no longer in the cards following the success of JAY-Z and Kanye West's Watch the Throne, but with how frequent and popular collaborative mixtapes have become these days, perhaps they both changed their mind.

"Me and Wayne scrapped the idea of a collaboration album," Drake said in an interview with XXL in 2011. "We just agreed that it would be looked upon as… It would be sort of this competition [with Watch The Throne]. I feel like it would get caught in this whirlwind of hype. [Wayne] agreed. We just said, 'If we do it, we’ll do it down the line. But right now is not the time.'" 

The two haven't put out a track together since 2017, but they did originally plan to have a collaboration on Tha Carter V before a sample clearance issue blocked its release. Now that Weezy is no longer a part of Cash Money, and Drake's situation seems to be headed the same way if he hasn't already left the label, 2019 seems like the perfect time to finally release that project.