A jumper-to of conclusions has taken his harrowing story of Jimmy John's abbreviation confusion public, complete with photographic documentation.

A man named Robert Wilson Barnes, as spotted by The Takeout (whose headline on this breaking news item is unlikely to be topped), visited a Jimmy John's drive-thru earlier this month to pick up what might best be described as sandwiches.

As Barnes explained, he and his wife were less-than-thrilled upon the removal of one sandwich from the bag, at which point they misread a sandwich crafter's method of abbreviating the popular sandwich-related phrase "BLT with cheese" to say, simply, "bitch."

Due to the fact that Jimmy John's does not have anything on its menu by that name, Barnes then proceeded to park the car and take his frustration inside. Barnes tossed the sandwich on the counter and demanded an explanation.

"He looked confused, so I pointed at the writing on the sandwich and demanded that he tells me why someone felt the need to write it on my wife's sandwich," he said. "He answered, 'Because you ordered a BLT with cheese?'"

For added enjoyment, Barnes shared a photo of the sandwich in question so the world could jump to their own conclusions:

The last time the name Jimmy John's snuck its way into a headline, the topic centered on the briefly revived calls for a boycott thanks to a Brother Nature tweet highlighting a previously surfaced photo of founder James John Liautaud cheesing for the camera in front of a dead elephant.