With festival season still in effect, the demand for colorful, eccentric, statement-worthy style hasn’t dwindled. In fact, for Instagram’s 91-year-old hottie, Baddiewinkle, things are just getting started as she readies to strut her very playful and trendsetting closet inside Jack in the Box’s Jack’s Playground at Las Vegas’ Life is Beautiful music festival Sept. 20 - 22.

If you follow the “very glamorous” Baddie, then you know she’s a spirited personality who doesn’t care what people have to say about her outward expression and thinks anyone who doesn’t like the way she dresses needs to “get a life!” Admitting she likes the outdoors, including parks, walks, and music festivals, Baddiewinkle is giving fans a glimpse of her favorite festival fits in anticipation of the ultimate experience inside Jack’s Playground.

Baddiewinkle x Jack in the Box Jack's Playground
Photographer: Jared Ryder; Stylist: Khalid Briggs; Set Designer: Miguel Ovalle; Director: Julian Muller; Producer: Meredith Hellman

You can get a taste of the social media sensation’s fashion sense through three eclectic ensembles seen above. Calling her style “colorful, playful, and glamorous,” Baddie twirls for the camera in a Jaded London sheer tie dye dress, hot pink Farradas Knits feather earrings and matching boa, and pink Bcalla sunglasses. To highlight her fun and sophisticated side, the Kentucky native rocks a Sav Noir dress accented with pink flowers and a green bowtie, an Outhouse Jewellry choker, and Krewe sunglasses to elevate her stand out style. But it’s Baddie’s custom sequined Designer Jimelle LeVonoff chaps and Rad + Refined shade that really portray the rebel within. 

For more of Baddiewinkle and her baddest fits, stop by Jack’s Playground inside Life is Beautiful to say hello all weekend long.