Three people were killed after a cliff collapsed close to San Diego, CNN reports

On Friday, authorities in Encinitas, California responded to reports of the catastrophe near Grandview Beach. According to Encinitas Fire Chief Mike Stein, the collapse left 20 yards of debris on the beach and visitors were "recreating right underneath the bluffs" when the event took place.

This prompted both the Encinitas Fire Department as well as San Diego County Sheriff Search and Rescue Dogs to search the rubble for possible victims or fatalities. As of Friday night, three fatalities have been reported. There was also a fourth person who received minor injuries from the collapse.

Encinitas Lifeguard Capt. Larry Giles explains that collapses like this are not uncommon. He describes how natural erosion causes the coastline near San Diego to become fragile and it's difficult to predict when these landslides will take place. 

"Encinitas lifeguards here along with the state park lifeguards, we warn people excessively throughout the year," Giles said. "We tell people over and over and over to stay back from these naturally eroding cliffs. ... A lot of times people don't take the warning."