On August 5, police in Southlake, Texas received a call from a resident who claimed to see a group of men taking pictures with what they thought were real guns.

Officers arrived to the scene with guns drawn and detained the four men. Soon after arriving, the cops realized it was all a false alarm. The men were actually shooting a music video and the guns in question were airsoft rifles. The men also had fake bulletproof vests and bags of sugar that were made to look like drugs. Oh, and the house they were filming in front of was actually not the one they intended to be at. They apparently got the address confused. Fox 35 pointed out that police were on "high alert" following the mass shootings that occurred in El Paso and Dayton

Bodycam footage captured the incident but the faces of the men shooting the music video were blurred out since they weren't charged or arrested. 

Soon after it all went down, Southlake DPS took to Facebook to address the incident. "They had come to Southlake to film a rap video, but ended up going to the wrong house on the wrong street. No charges were filed and the citizens were released. This was a great job of the citizens following officer commands, keeping a cool head, and understanding why we showed up in the first place. Our officers also should be commended for their attention to detail, excellent training, and meticulous investigating," they wrote.

Take a look at the Facebook post, as well as a picture from the scene, down below.