The internet can be a scary place at times, but it also has the power to help people realize their dreams. When Billy By's father opened a donut shop in Missouri, Texas, the son tweeted out a series of image showing his dad and his new shop. Completely empty with a grand opening sign out the front, By captioned his Saturday, March 9 post, "My dad is sad cause no one is coming to his new donut shop."

Immediately, Twitter started rallying around the shop, asking By for the address. Now sporting over 292,000 retweets, 643K likes, and 9,100 replies, it wasn't long before Billy's Donuts started picking up business. 

The insanely popular YouTube Casey Neistat made it clear he was a fan, simply tweeting, "OMW." Twitter, meanwhile, offered hand by stating they would be paying the shop a visit the following day.

On the Instagram account for Billy's Donuts, By confirmed they had a very successful second day of business. "Thank everyone so much," the account wrote. "We sold out today! We appreciate all the love and support." On Monday, Twitter paid a visit to the shop to show their appreciation.

Needless to say, Billy's dad isn't sad anymore.