With the new year comes a new set of Emojis. On Tuesday, Feb. 6, Unicode Consortium, the company behind the text-based animations, announced that it has finalized this year's the list of Emojis.

Most of the 230 icons are improvements on the original Emojis to showcase the company's emphasis on inclusiveness and representation. This includes a wider variety of skin tones, a gender-inclusive couple, an international couple and a larger range of disabilities.

Unicode Consortium has also blessed consumers with 59 new animations that they can use in whatever context they see fit.

Many users have already picked out their favorite Emojis. Of these, is the new waffle Emoji. This, of course, caught the attention of the fine Southern eatery Waffle House, which has been lobbying for an icon for years.

The otter Emoji also caught a lot of attention, as the way the animal's positioned plays into many implied meanings.

Yet the proven stars of the new keyboard would be the "pinch" and "yawning face" Emojis.