Back in October last year, Rick Ross' favourite chicken spot, Wingstop made its long-awaited debut in London Town. Now they've teamed up with grime don and culinary badman Big Zuu, and YouTube sensation Manny, to give them a behind-the-scenes look at the secrets behind their famous wings. Big Zuu also got the chance to create a flavour of his own—'The Big Zuu Flavour', he calls it—although, sadly, it's not actually available.

According to Manny, who tasted Big Zuu's efforts, the wings tasted like "atomified BBQ chicken wing with a hint of parmesan," and also pepperoni. Oh, and Big Zuu will sell you any one of the secret flavours for 10 bags, if ever you were insterested. If 'The Big Zuu Flavour' was as good as it looks, that may not be a bad deal.

Although they won't let just anyone know their secret ingredients, you can head to Wingstop's flagship location on Shaftesbury Avenue in London to taste it for yourself.