Oklahoma City police are currently looking for a man who reportedly fired his gun into a Taco Bell drive-thru window after he was upset at the amount of hot sauce he received. Business Insider notes the man fired his gun through the window in the early hours of the morning on Monday, Dec. 31, complaining that he wasn't given enough of the condiment.

Local news station KFOR reported that the wanted man fired at least one round from his semi-automatic handgun through the drive-thru window. "A man was complaining about not getting enough sauce, or not getting any taco sauce and was very upset," Sgt. Gary Knight told the news station.

The man entered the building after firing his gun. Employees ran to the back of the store and locked themselves in a bathroom before he saw any of them. "He apparently left," Knight said. "It's unclear exactly what he did while he was in there as they were hiding." He added that it was "extremely fortunate that nobody was hurt." 

Something about Taco Bell's sauce seems to drive certain people to do questionable things. An extremely similar incident happened over seven years ago in Missouri, when police arrested a man for pulling a shotgun on a Taco Bell employee after they forget to include hot sauce with his purchase. And he did it at the drive-thru.