Black Friday is possibly the most dangerous shopping day of the year. While others are peacefully enjoying their last bites of sweet potato pie, the bravest among us are waiting in line for year's best bargains. When it comes to uber-discounted TVs, gaming systems, and more, things definitely get a little hectic, and at no place is that more true than Walmart.  

According to the Los Angeles Times, dozens of customers brawled during Thursday night’s doorbuster event at a Palmdale, California Walmart. The fight featured two groups of people, each with more than a dozen members, but it’s unclear what they were fighting over. No one was injured and no arrests were made, but it certainly befits the Black Friday spirit.

Walmart's Black Friday troubles didn't stop there. People across social media expressed their frustration with the superstore's set up. As the New York Post points out, Walmart locations re-arranged the stores into a sort of maze and printed out maps for customers. But all of that seemed to only bottleneck customers and made everything so much worse.

Black Friday isn’t over yet, folks. There are some ripe deals out there for the taking, just maybe consider skipping Walmart if you don’t want to deal with this: