Are you a Toronto resident who enjoys having sex with inanimate objects? Then you should definitely keep reading.

A company called Aura Dolls will soon open its doors at Canadian strip mall, becoming the “first known” sex doll "brothel" in North America. According its website, the business will offer customers a selection of six female silicone “ladies” that “cater to everyone’s choice of beauty.”

Each doll comes with its own profile, which lists their respective ages, ethnicities, hair/eye color, and body measurements. The profiles also include the services each doll provides as well as a brief personality description.

For example, “Yuki” is a petite Korean with “natural breasts.” Though she is described as being “fun” and “very social,” she “also enjoys deep sensual conversations and doesn’t mind listening to you all night long.”

The other dolls include Anna (Japanese), Jazmine (Colombian), and Scarlett (American).

“We tried really hard to try to cater to every single standard of beauty, we have different ethnicity, different eye colours, different hair colour,” Claire Lee, an Aura Dolls representative, told the Toronto Star.

Lee said the company intends to expand its selection of sex dolls in the near future, and will eventually introduce male versions.

Service rates range anywhere between $80 to about $900, depending on the time and number of dolls a customer books. The Star reports the brothel will ensure privacy through separate exits and entrances; the staff will also have zero interaction with the customers, assuming there are no problems. There will also be a thorough, three-step cleaning process following each session, because, duh.

Though Aura Dolls claims the city’s residents are seemingly “excited” about the new business, Toronto Councillor John Filion says he and his team will throw “the book at (Aura Dolls) for everything they can.”

The brothel doesn’t seemed too worried, though.

“The only law stating with anything to do with the dolls is that it has to meet a height requirement. It can’t resemble a child,” Lee said. “We made sure that all their dolls fit the criteria and don’t resemble children.”

Aura Dolls is expected to launch Sept. 8 in North York. Customers will receive the full address upon booking.