“WWE” stands for “Walk With Elias.” At least, that’s been the case since Elias first drifted onto the WWE scene back in 2014. The Pittsburgh native, who before turning into the superstar he is today would strum his guitar outside of arenas for anyone willing to listen, is a fixture on Monday Night Raw, not-so sneak dissing fans and their cities by way of in-ring (often interrupted) mini concerts.

Yet despite the lyrical jabs, and the literal ones he lands on WWE’s most beloved heroes (like Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, and Braun Strowman), Elias has cultivated a massive following. When he utters the phrase “WWE stands for…,” the WWE Universe responds passionately, “WALK WITH ELIAS!”

On today’s episode of #LIFEATCOMPLEX, two of our resident WWE superfans Olga and Mack chat with Elias (see what I did there?), and the dude doesn’t pull any punches. He throws shade at fellow guitarist and scarf aficionado Chris Jericho, issues an eyebrow raising WrestleMania challenge to The Rock, and discusses his debut EP Walk With Elias, which drops today(!) on Spotify and Apple Music.

Also, be sure to peep the WWE-produced mockumentary on Elias called—you guessed it—Walk With Elias, airing immediately after the July 30 edition of Monday Night Raw exclusively on the WWE Network.