Donald Trump has made sure to let the media know that he is “totally opposed to domestic violence of any kind,” just one week after he praised his former Staff Secretary Rob Porter after Porter was forced to resign following a domestic violence scandal. Porter denies all allegations; since his resignation, a second White House official stepped down over domestic abuse claims.

Trump’s comments come over a week after the scandal surrounding Rob Porter first started brewing. Two of Porter’s former wives came forward with their stories—as well as evidence—that Porter had physically and emotionally abused them and that as a result Porter was not to be trusted.

The scandal got worse when news broke that the FBI found out about the allegations after conducting routine background checks and had subsequently decided to not grant Porter the necessary security clearance he would need to do his job, which involves having access to the most top-secret documents that pass through the White House. The implication is that he is not trustworthy and could be blackmailed. The FBI also told the White House, who took no action.

Since last week, the White House and the FBI have been in a bitter back and forth about the timeline of when the White House knew about the Porter allegations.

Late last week Trump spoke on the issue for the first time, and he was heavily criticized for praising Porter and not making any mention of the two women who he had abused. “He also, as you probably know, says he’s innocent and I think you have to remember that,” Trump also said last week. Moreover, White House Chief of Staff went out of his way to defend Porter amidst the scandal, calling him a man “of true integrity and honor.”

Today, Trump made his first remarks regarding domestic abuse in general. He said he was opposed to domestic violence, which is the absolute bare minimum that a human being capable of expressing emotion and empathy should do. Trump still did not mention the women or whether he believes their stories specifically regarding Porter.

“It almost wouldn’t even have to be said,” Trump said about his position regarding domestic violence. “Now you all hear it. But you all know it.”

NBC reporter Peter Alexander pointed out on Twitter that before today, Trump’s had never spoken about domestic violence or domestic abuse on any platform ever before.