Comedian Steve Brown was performing his usual set on a typical night at a comedy club in Columbia, South Carolina when a disturbed audience member jumped up onstage. The attacker, who the Richland County Sheriff's Department has identified as "Marvin," apparently decided that he was over the jokes, so he sprung from his seat, hopped upped and started swinging at Brown, TMZ reports.

The attack was unprovoked, according to Brown, who explained the incident in an Instagram post afterwards, and it quickly turned even more vicious when the heckler started swinging the mic stand and wooden stool at Brown. 

Unsurprisingly, the attacker is said to have been drinking at the time of his wild outburst, and video footage shows him and Brown bobbing around the stage as the crowd gasps and shrieks in distress with no sign of security intervention on the way. Eventually, a few good Samaritans attempted to de-escalate the situation and remove "Marvin" from the club. 

So far, no arrests have been made despite four people being injured, including a security guard, and over $400 in damaged property to the comedy club. Brown kept it light-hearted in his response to the incident, but urged comedy clubs to put more effort into ensuring their venues are staffed with the proper security to keep performers and patrons safe.