Word to the wise: One ought not to fuck with a French person's food, especially if that food is chocolate. Ever since Nutella went on sale Thursday, French supermarket shoppers have been straight up brawling over discounted jars of the chocolate-hazelnut spread.  (If you’ve never had Nutella, it’s basically the girl peanut butter told you not to worry about.) But it's not just the French go bananas for the stuff. Remember when a man beat up a senior citizen over a sample of Nutella at a Costco? According to the BBC, some 402,000 tons of Nutella is consumed around the world every year. I can account for at least one ton of that, personally. 

The chaos started when supermarket chain Intermarche slashed prices on more than a million 2-pound jars of the good stuff. Jars went from 4.70 Euros to 1.41 a pop. That’s around $1.75 a jar, fam. Glimpses of the insanity have been captured on Twitter. “Seriously??!! All this for Nutella?!” one user tweeted.

French media reported that supermarket staff had tried to break up the chocolate induced rioting but to no avail. "They are like animals. A woman had her hair pulled; an elderly lady took a box on her head, another had a bloody hand,” one shopper said. Reportedly, police had to get involved at an Intermarche in the northern town of Ostricourt.  Ferrero, the company that makes Nutella, said, “the decision for the special offer was taken unilaterally by Intermarche.”