It looks like American Airlines will be re-routing some of their flights via the seven circles of hell. It’s the likely consequence of their decision to shrink the size of the bathrooms of their Boeing 737 Max jets to make room for more seats. Naturally, passengers and flight attendants alike are flipping TF out. As the L.A. Times notes, the new loos are so small, the sinks only allow you to wash one hand at a goddamned time. 

The Times reports that, "The lavatories at the back of the plane are located between the passenger seats and the galley where the flight attendants prepare drinks and snacks for the fliers. When both doors to the lavatories are open, the flight attendants are sealed off in the galley, blocking them from getting to the passengers, the flight attendants complained. They also said the sinks in the bathrooms are so tiny that the water from the faucet splashes onto anyone attempting to wash their hands," 

So, you can’t forget about joining the mile-high club for now. (But also why would you fuck in one in the first place? The lighting is terrible.) The good-ish news is that this new set up will only be on Miami-to-New York flights. However, the airline plans on getting an additional 20 of these tiny-toilet planes flying every year between now and 2022, so make sure to bring hand-sanitizer when you fly, just in case.

So what compelled American Airlines’ seemingly bizarre decision? Cash money dinero, that’s what. Apparently, airlines are going at it to drive down their overhead. That’s why your 1-pound overweight bag will cost you more than checking another one beforehand, and don’t even get me started on the snack situation. These companies should be paying us to eat their shitty fucking sandwiches. I can’t.