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RIP Vine? Maybe not.

Motherboard reports that the once wildly popular social media platform (some may say too popular) is, as recently hinted, indeed about to get resurrected. Vine co-founder Dom Hoffman tweeted about a possible comeback last week, and today he tweeted an equally cryptic but to-the-point “v2” with what appears to be a logo for the reboot.

Hoffman says the much anticipated sequel would be self-funded, but he’s staying tight-lipped about any other details.

Of course, the Internet is freaking the F out. Ride-or-die Vine heads are all about it.

Vine was acquired by Twitter back in 2012, before it even launched. It lived a short, glorious life until Twitter decided to kill it in 2016, and we all poured one out for the six-second format. Another one of Vine’s co-founders, Rus Yuspov, later expressed regret over selling his company.

How we feeling, fam? Are we turnt or burnt over Vine?