Vine, the app that only allowed you to make to six-second videos, officially shut down last year, but like all legends, it never truly died. The millions of Vines that those pesky creative teenagers (and, fine, also other people) made still live on in the internet and, more importantly, in our hearts. The platform’s videos are still fodder for Internet discussions and memes to this day. But now it looks like Dom Hofmann, the creator of the original app, is interested in creating a follow-up to Vine.

Vine started out as a small startup but was soon sold to Twitter and had a pretty meteoric rise. It fueled the careers of several internet influencers even after it was shut down; the platform even launched a rap career. It became another part of our social media landscape, just as recognizable as Twitter or Instagram, and the vehicle trough which many of the internet’s favorite memes arrived. "Do it for the Vine" became a legitimate reason to do literally anything. 

Vine didn't sound like it should work, but it really did. Hofmann idea for Vine 2.0 is currently pretty mysterious. He announced it on Twitter, presumably because he wanted to whet people’s appetites or gauge the kind of reaction he would receive, but offered no other information or even a timeline for when we could expect to see something.

Hofmann did reveal, however, that his idea is only a side-project, and not involved at all with the work he currently does at his current company called Interspace.

Hofmann also predicted the overwhelming attention he would receive to throwing out a statement like that, and preemptively refused to give any more information.

The question now remains: how could Vine be improved? If/when this Vine reboot happens, will it be even more conducive to producing meme content for the internet, since that’s the main chunk of what Vine did anyway? It seems Hofmann wants to keep the answers a secret, so until then, we can all just keep honoring the legacy of Vine, the app that truly changed the world.