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It shouldn't be much of a surprise at this point. People order all sorts of wild stuff with Postmates.

The delivery service publicly lists their mission statement as "enabling anyone to have anything delivered on-demand." Apparently people all over America are taking them up on their offer and ordering anything they can think of. 

In a press release issued Friday afternoon, the company shared a timetable of some of the strangest orders they received all year. We'll run through some of our favorites below.

They illustrated their wide range of orders by sharing that on August 20, "a customer on the East Coast trusted us to deliver an engagement ring. Meanwhile on the West Coast, someone ordered 150 whip-its—we didn’t stick around to witness the outcome of either situation but we wished them both luck."

On November 5, a user with the name UnburntWitch took things too far by attempting to order a live penguin. Postmates quickly banned the witch, who responded by sending a cake to Postmates headquarters that said, "Unban me you cowards." Apparently, the gesture worked and UnburntWitch's account was promptly restored. Never underestimate the power of baked goods.

The delivery service also shared some trends that they noticed throughout the year, including the fact that alcoholic drink orders rose 339% on Thanksgiving day, as people returned to extended family over the holiday.

Image via Postmates

One of the strangest orders of the year came earlier this month when someone asked for a bathtub full of chicken nuggets. Postmates was nice enough to include a photo, which you can see above.

Not mentioned were two high-profile orders made by Post Malone and Rich Chigga this year. First, Chigga surprised Post with a Postmates order of a full mariachi band who played his hit song "Congratulations" backstage at Rolling Loud festival.

A couple months later, Post returned the favor with an elaborate birthday gift by way of Postmates. You can watch that below while you come up with all the weird things you're planning on ordering in 2018.