Now that damn near everyone finally agrees that getting down with cannabis is indeed a very good idea, the amount of cannabis-centered series has skyrocketed. The options for cannabis-aided viewing experiences are practically limitless, and with few exceptions, each series brings its own worthy flavor to the high-minded conversation. But why don't we have a show that makes a point to celebrate the women who love weed?

Enter the brilliantly named Queens of the Stoned Age, a brand new series from Merry Jane executive-produced and co-created by Snoop Dogg. In the series premiere, Cannabis Feminist founder Jessica Assaf sits down with her debut panel of guests to candidly discuss the various medicinal benefits of the ever-generous plant that spent decades being unfairly demonized by politicians and publications alike.

After passing around a delectable combination of mango and CBD, Assaf and her guests chop it up about how the liberation of marijuana has helped them in their personal lives. For activist/model Michelle Zauzig, for example, cannabis makes the perfect treatment for celiac disease.

The guests also tout the nectar of the gods' potential benefits for those suffering from inflammatory issues, anxiety, and more. "If I wasn't smoking weed, like, every single day, I'd probably have to take Xanax," adult film star Janice Griffith explained.

Image via Merry Jane

Watch Assaf, Zauzig, Griffith, Mondo founder Emily O’Brien, model Kelly Moon, and more in the Queens of the Stoned Age premiere up top. The new series will continue to unfold on and Merry Jane's official YouTube channel in the weeks ahead, so stay tuned.