If there’s one thing that is at an absolute premium in New York City, it’s space. And finding the kind of space that’s conducive to creative work is an even taller order. So what is an actor/writer/all-around artist like Dustin Ross supposed to do when he needs to find a spot to let the creative juices flow? For him, the solution is simple: plan a working stay-cation in one of the hundreds of incredible hotels the city has to offer.

That may sound silly at first, but when you think about it, New York hotels are among the only places you can get some peace and quiet in the city while still being in a comfortable environment. In order to be creative, you really just need to be able to get away from other distractions. So doesn’t it make sense to join people who are already in the midst of a getaway?

In the video above, you can hear more from Dustin Ross on how he finds creative refuge in the heart of NYC in the newest installment of Space to Create, presented by Effen Vodka.