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Cases of mistaken identity have never been more dangerous than they are in the social media era. If you get accused of a crime in 2017, people are tracking down your address, place of business, and your favorite local coffee shop before you're even aware of what's happening. Truthfully, it's pretty terrifying!

But sometimes, that phenomenon can be turned into a funny joke, used in jest to make fun of a friend who looks like a criminal known to be on the loose. Early Monday evening, still images taken from surveillance footage at a California bank showed this man, who ABC7 in Southern California says robbed two separate banks over the weekend. Even the FBI is after him.

FBI searching for bank robber who held up 2 US Bank branches within 2 days in Orange County

— ABC7 Eyewitness News (@ABC7) September 4, 2017

Rather than fear for the safety of the bank employees or wonder if their bank would be hit next, the public's first thoughts drifted toward a simpler observation: is that Warriors guard Klay Thompson? Shortly after the photos began to circulate, replies started rolling in, jokingly accusing Thompson of being the unknown robber.

— The Night Kanggggggg (@ChrisTheFlyest) September 5, 2017

— Pia Beans (@PiaBeans) September 5, 2017

— 😈🤑 Jakub (@king_jakub2) September 5, 2017

Klay Thompson 😂😂

— Alvin Alvarez (@KSFantastic) September 5, 2017

Klay Thompson: "Yea I'll take a pay cut alright."

— Jarrett SKOL Ballard (@BigJbilla) September 5, 2017

Look, I'd be lying to you if I said this didn't look like Klay Thompson—the goofy hat and sunglasses do nothing to disguise the signature goatee. And while our suspect-in-question may be desperate enough to rob two banks, he also looks like he's wearing an Apple Watch, so he can't be too destitute.

In all seriousness, the odds that Thompson is moonlighting as a bank robber are tremendously low. He might end up having to consider going elsewhere when his current deal is up, but the contract extension he signed back in 2014 has him making over $17 million a year through the 2018-19 season, so he's not exactly hurting for cash. Maybe Thompson got a little too rambunctious during his tour of China, but he would have had to pop a lot of bubbly to be in financial jeopardy.


— Sports Illustrated (@SInow) June 30, 2017

A lot of athletes have gone broke because of lavish spending habits, but remember: this is the same Klay Thompson whose family once had him on an allowance while he was playing in the NBA. They even cut part of his cash availability when he got fined by the league back in 2013 for his involvement in a Pacers-Warriors brawl. At the very least, he's better equipped for lean times than most professional athletes.

So as much as non-Warriors fans may want to see Golden State's potential dynasty crumble, it's not going to crumble because of this bank robbery. Tell your teams to get out there and make some deals, because Thompson and his pals aren't going anywhere anytime soon—especially not to jail.