In everyday life, it's hard to tell who's the realest. Sure, people can walk the walk and talk the talk, but when it comes down to actual life or death situations, will you stand tall or are you folding like a piece of paper? On Wednesday, a cashier at a Jimmy John's shop in Kansas City proved that he might be the realest Jimmy John's cashier walking the earth.

According to a video released by Kansas City Police, the cashier was approached by a man rocking a hoodie on Wednesday night around 9:15 p.m. and proceeded to order a sandwich.

Everything seemed on the level until the hoodie-rocking dude pulled out a gun.

After getting the gun situated, the robber pointed the gun square at the cashier's face, and dude appeared to be unphased while handing over a bunch of money.

Now, some have mentioned that it looked like the gun actually jammed, so while this guy was Stonewall Jackson up in the robber's face, he might have realized the gun wouldn't be going off anyway.

No matter what the situation is, homeboy deserves a medal for the lack of fucks he gave during an actual robbery. Either that or he doesn't give a fuck about his life or his job. Peep how he just picks up the entire drawer from the register on some "just take it" shit.

Get on this cashier's level. Oh, and if you know who the robber in this video is, Kansas City Police would like to talk to you.