Writing an online dating profile can be a chore. It’s like a resume, but you’re applying for the privilege of going out on a date with someone, and unfortunately, even if you think you’re profile is articulate and engaging with just the right level of humor, your target audience might not agree. Not to mention, your photos are probably what’s going to make or break your chances anyway.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least try to write a profile that will stand out in a vast landscape of cliches from people who “love to laugh” and are looking for a “partner in crime”. That’s where Toronto-based company Atomic Reach thinks they can help. The company, founded by career entrepreneur Bradley Silver, specializes in scientifically-driven products that solve the problem of creating relevant, interesting content that consistently drives audience engagement.

One of the company’s products, Atomic AI, uses artificial intelligence applying mathematics, linguistics analysis and machine learning technology to write content that inspires audience engagement. Starting February 6th, a spin-off of that product called Atomic Love will launch, targeting online dating profiles specifically.

If you’re interested in perfecting your online dating profile, head to atomiclove.online, select the personality type that appeals to you, cut and paste your dating bio into the writing engine and Atomic Love will do the rest. The idea is that Atomic IA’s success in increasing page views and engagement in enterprise communications should translate into more right swipes, better conversations and ultimately, more dates for online daters.

Any good content marketer knows that understanding your audience and tailoring your message to meet their needs is the path to success. Why should it be any different for dating? Not that you should be anyone but yourself, but you can at least make sure your online dating profile is an accurate and appealing representation of your good side, right?

Atomic Love is only available until the end of February, so don’t wait too long to give it a try.