We're just over two weeks into Donald Trump's term as President of the United States, and a huuuge *Trump voice* percentage of Americans already want him removed from office. In a recent survey from Public Policy Polling, 40 percent of voters want to see him impeached, which is a five percent jump from last week's poll. It's difficult to pinpoint why exactly people want to see him go...because there are so many reasons to choose from. 

Maybe Trump's cabinet nominations have left you scratching your head. Like, Ben Carson would make one hell of a Secretary of Taking an Emergency Cat Nap, but Secretary of Housing and Urban Development? Hey, at least, Carson is going to have Steve Harvey working alongside him, right? Crisis averted. 

Maybe his executive orders—i.e. the Muslim ban—have made you increasingly concerned about the direction of this country over the next four years.

Maybe when discussing a wall and boatloads of cash in the same sentence, the only thing you choose to acknowledge is that new game show on NBC. Maybe you're fed up hearing the term "alternative facts." The list goes on and on.  

The least shocking results from Public Policy Polling reveal that 52 percent of Americans would rather have Barack Obama serving as President, as opposed to the 43 percent who can honestly look in the mirror and say they are "glad" to have Trump right now.