Carrie Fisher is going out of the world in true Carrie Fisher fashion. The legendary actress, who passed away Dec. 27 at the age of 60, is still making us laugh with her sense of humor.

Friday morning, some of her ashes were buried near the coffin of her mother, Debbie Reynolds, who died the day after Fisher, at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles. But Fisher also had some ashes preserved another way.

Many have their ashes stored in an urn. Few, if any, have ever had them stored inside a giant Prozac pill—which it definitely looks like Fisher did.

@thecherness oh she totally did.

— Cher (@thecherness) January 6, 2017

Her brother, Todd, carried out the urn.

The actress’ affinity for the antidepressant was well known. Fisher was cremated earlier this week, according to TMZ.

“Carrie’s favorite possession was a giant Prozac pill that she bought many years ago. A big pill,” Todd told E! of the urn. “She loved it, and it was in her house, and Billie and I felt it was where she’d want to be.”


"We couldn't find anything appropriate. Carrie would like that," Todd added. "It was her favorite thing, and so that's how you do it. And so they're together, and they will be together here and in heaven, and we're OK with that."

Fisher struggled with bipolar disorder. She frequently made Prozac jokes, and even once jested that her kitchen tiles were “shaped and labeled like enormous tablets of Prozac,” per The Huffington Post.