Yesterday, Apple finally got around to widely releasing their new batch of emoji. Since then, Twitter has been going apeshit over the new gorilla emoji that looks just like Harambe, the beloved 400 pound gorilla at Cincinnati Zoo​​ that was fatally shot after a toddler fell into the animal's enclosure.

Harambe might be gone from this world, but he'll never leave our hearts. And now, he won't leave our phones either.

But wait, are we really sure that the gorilla emoji is indeed the honorable Harambe? Well, Twitter sure seems to be, given that just about everybody is making the same joke:

People were ecstatic about Harambe:

And, of course, people are getting their dicks out for Harambe:

Others wished that Apple would've addressed more important issues before adding the gorilla emoji:

The Harambe emoji isn't even the craziest thing to happen this week though, as one person noted:

​Now, every day can be Harambe day. Enjoy, and treat every day as if it's Harambe's last.