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Following the American election, a wave of anti-Trump protests spread throughout the nation. Citing their concern with the president-elect's racist and misogynistic statements during and before his campaign, citizens also pointed to their frustration with the electoral college. While the foreseeable future of the United States is now in the hands of Trump and the Republican party, there is no doubt an impending and tangible impact on the rest of the globe - after all Donald Trump will be the leader of the free world.

Meanwhile, residents of America's closest ally, Canada, anxiously await to understand what this all means for their own country. Just yesterday, Complex CA presented what the nation can expect during a term under President Trump. With the potential threat to climate change, trade, and security, some of the Canadian populace are a little on edge to say the least.

Taking a cue from their neighbours to the south, citizens in Canada's largest city, Toronto, are now planning a peaceful protest to show solidarity with those against the president-elect.

The event's Facebook page reads as follows.

"We will be gathering to peacefully protest Donald Trump's legitimacy as US President, and to demonstrate how his, and any hateful rhetoric is unacceptable today. We as Canadians will help our neighbors by showing that misogyny, racism, homophobia, xenophobia, sexism, sexual assault, ableism, transphobia and violence are absolutely intolerable. 

Trump's campaign and victory points to a frightening and problematic cultural landscape, and this is something that we don't need a US citizenship to help effect change on.

Since we are so closely culturally tied to the US, it is also something we need to actively prevent from effecting us: Keep the hate and fear out of our culture and our politics. Support and show love for those people and groups that he has alienated and degraded." 

Along with the rally on November 19, people have already handed out sympathy cards to the US consulate, as well as taking part in silent demonstrations outside of the city's subway stations. You can take a look at those below, via Twitter.

Toronto's upcoming anti-Trump rally begins November 19 at 1pm in front of City Hall, and will move the following hour to Trump Tower at 325 Bay St.