As Americans who are staunchly anti-Trump continue to hit the streets, voicing their devastation with nationwide protests, many Canadians are beginning to worry about how Donald Trump’s campaign promises could reverberate north of the border.

For the United States, and for the rest of the world, changes are coming. Tuesday’s election results leave Congress firmly in the hands of the Republican Party – which will allow them to control the legislation that makes its way through Congress and to the president's desk. This means that Trump will have an easier time pushing through potential changes to policies that will directly affect women, people of colour, the LGBT+ community and other minority groups living in the United States.

But, what does a Trump presidency mean for Canada?

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has proven to be a believer in progressive politics, extended an olive branch to the U.S. president-elect early Wednesday morning releasing a statement congratulating Trump. Later in the day, at an Ottawa WE Day rally, he waved off boos when he mentioned Trump telling the crowd, “The relationship between Canada and the United States is based on shared values and shared hopes and dreams and we will always work well together.”

Will it happen? Canada’s close relationship with the United States is one of the most long standing in the world and despite Trudeau’s assurances, the country will undoubtedly be affected by the election results. Here are a few of the key issues that will have some effect on Canada.