Several students at Texas State University walked out of a classroom Tuesday after an anthropology professor told the class that all humans are descended from Africa. A student posted a photo of students walking out of the class on Twitter, and the photo has since gone viral.

According to the Tab, the students who left the classroom where white, and some of the students who remained in the class chanted "Black lives matter" as the students walked out. Some of the students who were offended by the professor's lecture stayed in the class and started arguing with other students, the Tab reports. 

According to the Tab, students said that Professor McGee prefaced the day's lecture by saying everyone should play close attention, as they'd be having a discussion about race. The professor then began to talk about the origins of the Black Lives Matter movement, then said that all people descended from Africa. 

The class is apparently a large one, and McGee told the Tab that he didn't observe any of the walk-outs or fighting. Regarding reports of students being offended and leaving the class, McGee told the Tab, "Understanding other peoples’ perspectives is a basic part of cultural anthropology."