In less than a week America has experienced the swift rise and fall of Ken Bone, an undecided voter who gained notoriety during the second presidential debate and even more for his comments on the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. ("From what I read about the case the shooting of Trayvon Martin was justified," he wrote. "Bad guy legally kills kid in self defense. Sucks for everybody.")

A reporter for St. Louis Post-Dispatch caught up with him Friday afternoon, and Bone clarified his comments on Trayvon Martin. Bone said he used the word "justified" because it was included in the Department of Justice ruling on the case. He also made it clear he is not OK with Trayvon's death. "I don't think it's OK to shoot kids. I don't want that kind of violence," he said.

Here's Bone's full response:

"I read a little bit of the DOJ release and they ruled it a justified shooting. Just because it's justified doesn't mean it's right. Trayvon doesn't have to be dead; he could still be alive. So just 'cause it's legal doesn't mean it's OK. And people have taken that to say, 'You used the word justified so you think it's OK to shoot Trayvon.' No, I don't think it's OK to shoot kids. I don't want that kind of violence. So I just wanted to clear that up a little bit. Just because it's justified—that's the language that the Department of Justice used. George Zimmerman was not charged; he was cleared of criminal charges in that. That's all I really meant by that. It was just a quick rapid discussion and it was late at night. Maybe I didn't articulate myself the best. But I don't want anybody to think I endorse that kind of violence.

Ken Bone also apologized for some of his past Reddit comments. "If you were offended by that, and you listened, I take responsibility for that. I'm just a dude." See that video below.

#KenBone on some of his past Reddit comments.

— Ashley Lisenby (@aadlisenby) October 14, 2016