If there's anyone who ought to know that there's a downside into sliding into someone's Twitter DMs, it might be Anthony Weiner. The former congressman has gotten in sexting trouble not once, but twice—once in 2011 and then again in 2013. But he reportedly couldn't resist Twitter's siren song, and has been caught again having a flirty chat with someone he thought was a young woman named Nikki, but was actually Nikki's male, Republican friend using the account in order to catfish the disgraced politician.

The chat, published by the New York Post, reportedly occurred when Weiner was in Los Angeles in July to film an appearance for Real Time With Bill Maher. The conversation features banter about high heels, cheesy double entendres, and even Weiner making a joke about his "staff." 

The oddest part, though, comes when Weiner describes himself as "deceptively strong... Like a mongoose." Towards the end of the conversation, he attempts to meet IRL. He gives his cell number, and then says, "Text and I'll hit that location button thing." 

Weiner copped to the conversation being real in an email to the Post. He claims, however, that he knew it was fake all along. He called it a "playful joust with an obvious catfish." He also said, "I can confirm that I am indeed deceptively strong like a mongoose."

This flirty conversation may have some political fallout. Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin, is a longtime aide to Hillary Clinton and is currently the vice chairwoman of her presidential campaign.