Everyone knows about Anthony Weiner's highly publicized exposure. The former congressman sent a 21-year-old woman in Seattle a picture through Twitter that showed off his, well, last name. As Weinergate broke, the scandal grew and grew until Weiner resigned in late June 2011. Headline writers were so disappointed in Weiner. His political boner inspired some of the greatest punderful headlines from New York Post, "The Daily Show," and Fox. Even Time had a little fun. And it was expected, come on: he send a pic of his you-know-what and his name happens to be Weiner. He was born to be made fun of.

However, he has thrusted himself out again. Nobody was happier to hear about Weiner's new mayoral run than headline writers. Once again, publications are having loads of fun with Weiner. To commemorate the occasion we thought we'd give you The 20 Best Anthony Weiner Headlines.

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