One crazy Canadian actually got into a fist fight with a bear. While walking his dog Sunday in Sudbury, Ontario 61-year-old Rick Nelson came across another four-legged animal: a bear cub. He told CBC News that he startled the cub, which "yelped," when he sat on a log nearby. Nelson told CBC News the cub was within touching distance.

"I knew right away I was in trouble," he told CBC News. "It's calling for mommy."

Nelson was right, and charging at him "full speed" came a 300-pound black bear. He told CBC News he wasn't armed with rocks or sticks, but he did have his fists.

As it turns out Nelson, was a former bear hunter who also happened to know a thing or two about boxing.

Nelson, being both smart and brave, knew he had to strike first and took a swing at the bear. He missed, but did hit its teeth. The bear did not mis,s clawing Nelson's chest and face. (If you're curious what kind of shape he's in he provided photos of the scratches here.)

"I knew it would swing first with its left ,but it would really come with its right, because most bears are right-handed," said Nelson.

He swung again at the bear, and this time his underhand hit it in the snout. The bear was reportedly snorting blood. That's when Nelson said the cub squealed and started to leave. Rather than strike Nelson again, and perhaps cause even more damage than the first time, the bear turned around and followed the cub leaving Nelson.   

Nelson admitted he was lucky but also noted black bears aren't dangerous unless a cub is involved. "Probably they're more afraid of you and [me], than we are of them," he said.

Nelson fared better than a New Mexico marathon runner who lost part of her eyelid and eyebrow, among other injuries, when she was attacked by a bear also protecting its cub.