As we've seen lately, Donald Trump inspires people to do some crazy things like sucker-punch innocent protestors at his rallies or salute Nazi style. Now the Republican frontrunner's controversial public image has officially made its foray into drug territory: an alleged drug dealer was arrested in Troy, N.H. on Thursday for selling heroin bags stamped with Donald Trump's name. 

The Boston Globe reports that 36-year-old Darcie Hall was arrested by the New Hampshire Attorney General's Drug Task Force, Keene Police, and New Hampshire State Police following a month-long investigation.

Hall, who was already on probation for a 2014 conviction of cocaine possession, is not the first person to name drugs after a major political figure. In December 2013 State Police arrested four people in Massachusetts after they discovered 1,250 bags of heroin with the label "Obama Care." Police believe the motive behind using these kinds of well-known names is to create a distinct brand so that buyers know where their drugs come from, a similar idea behind the blue meth that Mr. White and Jesse deal in Breaking Bad.

The "Obama Care" heroin kind of makes sense considering it's named after healthcare, something people appreciate and want. Based on the kind of trouble Trump has gotten into lately, however, the motive behind using his name is pretty befuddling. I guess that's what heroin does though—it gets you in big trouble.