This story of a pilot who turned around a plane so that a couple could visit their dying grandson will warm your heart, unlike the emergency plane landing caused by a model/cat lady

Mashable reports the couple was on board an Etihad plane set for Abu Dhabi when they were contacted about their grandson. According to the couple's travel agent, Becky Stephenson, who would later post on Facebook about the story while thanking Etihad, the couple was turning off their phone but noticed a call from their son. Because they "sensed something wrong" they didn't turn off their phone after texting their son back. That's when he told them their grandson was in intensive care and that they needed to go to the hospital.

Fortunately for the couple they received the text while the plane was still taxiing at the U.K.'s Manchester Airport.  

The couple then reportedly told the flight's crew who told the pilot. The pilot immediately turned the plane around and drove back to the gate where the passengers got off. The flight's crew unloaded the passengers' luggage and had their car brought around from the parking lot.

Sadly, Stephenson reported in the post that the couple's grandson passed away the following day.

"Had they not been allowed off the flight and had to fly back from Abu Dhabi they may not have made it to his bedside," wrote Stephenson. 

Etihad has reportedly allowed the couple to reuse their tickets in the future.

Here's Stephenson's post below.