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Jamaica showed it was more forward thinking than the U.S. last year when it decriminalized weed. Meanwhile states are still struggling to even get medical marijuana legalized. This time Jamaica is planning to completely legalize weed, and also, to get rid of the Queen of England as its head of state.

The Telegraph reports the latter is up high on the new government's list of proposed changes as stated by Governor General Sir Patrick Allen in a speech posted to the government’s website. As it stands now Britain's Queen Elizabeth II is Jamaica's head of state. (FYI: She's also the head of state in Barbados and the Bahamas.) The Queen appoints a representative (meaning the people don't elect this person) and that person's the Governor General. What Jamaica plans to do constitutionally is replace the Queen with a non-executive president as the head of state, which would eliminate the position of Governor General making Jamaica a republic.

The Jamaica Observer writes, "A non-executive president, like the governor general, would still be a symbolic leader and perform a representative and civic role but with no powers to make policy."

As previously mentioned government has proposed to legalize weed for "specified purposes" reports The Independent. However, what those purposes were were not mentioned. Maybe it might just be for medical purposes.

The proposals will have to be approved by Parliament in order to become laws.